Tuesday, March 19, 2019

French Quarter Map - 2019

I just finished drawing a detailed French Quarter map. It shows every building in the New Orleans Vieux Carre'. The copyrighted map will be used by A.G. Crowe on his ShopLocalUSA.online website to promote local businesses. Click on the image to see a larger version of the map. 

To see it on the ShopLocal website, CLICK HERE. 
Once you get to the new page, click on the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner to see better detail. 

Here's a video of the various stages of production. Click on the play triangle in the center of the image, and then when the video starts playing, click on the double brackets [ ] in the lower right corner to make it full screen.


Old Postcard of French Quarter Courtyard Scene

The odd thing about doing this map was the memory I have from the third grade at Live Oak Elementary School in New Orleans. Our class took a field trip to the Cabildo at Jackson Square, and when we got back to the classroom, we wrote about our experience. 

I included a drawing I did of Andrew Jackson riding his horse like on the statue. The teacher, Mrs. Folse, liked the drawing so much that she asked me to draw it two more times for other projects. So I was well acquainted already with drawing Jackson's statue in the middle of Jackson Square. That led to an appearance on the local television program "Know Your Schools," in which I was interviewed about our class field trip. 

During that interview they asked me who was the man represented by the big statue at the bottom of the staircase at the Cabildo, and I had no idea. Finally they said it looked like Bienville, and I agreed. So then on I started paying more attention when people were telling me historical things that I should be remembering. I was only 8 years old at the time, so I didn't feel too bad about the lapse.