I've written several books which are for sale at If interested, you can learn more about them by using the links below:
A science fiction book about health



Cajun Gold

Written under the pen name of Cliff Madison, this book is about a Cajun who finds 200 pounds of gold buried in the woods near his house. Lots of laughs as he tries to hide it from his neighbors, his wife, and the local news media. As the cover says, finding the gold kind of "messes up his plans for the weekend."

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The Pictorial Map Book

This book is a collection of my cartoon pictorial maps from over the past 35 years. It's interesting to see some of the maps as they were printed back then, the towns, the downtown business districts, the parishes, counties, and even some individual buildings. 

The book measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches and runs 50 pages, many of which are in color. The maps were originally printed 11 x 17 inches on up (as big as 3 feet by 5 feet), but they have been reduced in size to fit in the book, so some of the map printing will be pretty small. The book aims to give an overall review of the maps. Most of them are out of print in their original sizes.

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Imaginary Festivals and Conventions

I just published a new book that features my posters advertising  

Imaginary Festivals and Conventions

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Sharing Family Memories: A Guide To 


 Treasured Remembrances

So when is a good time to sit down with older family members and record a few family stories? Now. Do not put it off another week. With proper preparation and the right equipment you will uncover a gold mine of information, overflowing with personal recollections, some entertaining, some surprising and even some vital to know about. But it's your family, and your children and your grandchildren who will benefit from having a record of these things. And it's up to you to record them for posterity. You can have fun doing it and enjoy the process as well as the product: a family history account that will be rewarding and treasured for years to come.