Friday, October 28, 2016

Crosby Arboretum Visit

The Crosby Arboretum is a plant-intensive nature area that spotlights the variety of plants and terrain in southern Mississippi. It is located just across the Louisiana state line in Picayune, MS, sitting between Interstate 10 and the municipal airport. So many of its plant exhibits may pertain to St. Tammany as well.

It is an oasis of beautiful scenery, wildlife and a rich assortment of plants many of which I had never seen before. Here are some photographs from the arboretum, showing the boardwalks through the marsh, the pond (which had hundreds of turtles in it) and the open air pavilion which is the setting of many weddings. Small signs point out the trailside attractions, naming the plants.

On its website, it's billed as a premier native plant conservatory, which helps protect the biological diversity of the entire region. CLICK HERE to go to the Arboretum's website. The facility is part of the Mississippi State University extension services. It features a great visitor's center, several areas of special interest, exhibits, and walking trails. Not only that but there is a full slate of special programs on specific topics, from presentations on blacksmiths and metal forging to pumpkins to all kinds of field walks and other topics of interest (not all having to do with plants).