Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mackahatchee Map

Going through my map files the other day, I found this map of Mackahatchee, Florida. I don't remember ever doing a map in Florida, so this was kind of puzzling. Interstate 10 is shown on the map, with Hwy. 74 intersecting it north to south, so I went to Google Maps and looked along Interstate 10 from Florida's west boundary all the way east to the Atlantic Ocean. No Mackahatchee, no Millington. Doing a Google search brought up nothing. 

Here's the map. 

It was, for a few minutes, the Mackahatchee Mystery Map. Then I started reading some of the store names:  Bob's Motel, Jerry's PacNSac, Gary's Gas, Harry's Big Dome Arcade, and Howare'you Johnsons. It dawned on me that this was a "practice" map, an illustration I did to show what could be done for Interstate Exits.

Too bad Mackahatchee isn't real. It looks like a fun place, what with the beer joint, pizza palace and Zephyr Cafe, not to mention the Burger Barn.