Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ruth's Roots Retreat

On a side street behind the Hancock County Courthouse in downtown Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is "Ruth's Roots," an island of tranquility in a place that is already pretty tranquil. The plot of land, almost adjacent to the train tracks that cross the bay, offers a wide variety of flowers, animals, paintings, and best of all, places to sit and enjoy it all. It is a community gardening opportunity that has lots of friends and supporters.

Here are some pictures of the hidden retreat, but enter at your own risk. The overwhelming sense of nature and and peace of mind might just make you forget your cares and worries for a while. 

Click on the images to make them larger. 

Painted doors serve as part of the fencing

There are a variety of flowers

There's even a dragon in the middle of it all

A chess board awaits

There are chickens and rabbits

A waterfall

A large seating area for informal meetings

A water-carrying statue

A very colorful alligator

Sidewalk paintings of sea life

A portrait of Ruth in the center patio

Butterflies and bees

And then, there is the wildly-painted piano 

HERE's A LINK to the Google Maps location of Ruth's Roots.

Ruth's Roots Facebook Page

According to the Facebook page, Ruth's Roots is a community garden that can serve the community’s youth through enrichment and is located at 130 Court St in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. Teenagers who need to provide community service hours are used in the maintenance of the garden, and various community service organizations also take part in the care of the place.